ARIANE JOSEF, born in France to Austrian/French parents, began piano studies in France at the age of four. She continued her studies in America at the Chicago Conservatory of Music earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UCLA and a Masters Degree from Roosevelt University, Chicago. She has been a concert pianist as well as a professor/teacher at Chicago Conservatory of Music, Santa Monica College, and Northern Arizona University as well as other conservatories, universities and colleges and continues to offer selected piano-coaching. Coupled with an inherent interest in art, the rigor and discipline demanded for concertizing supported her successful entrance into the world of painting and sculpture. "What I have come to realize, as I look back on my life, is that the rigor demanded by my former life as a concert pianist laid a foundation of skills that have served me well in my life as a painter and a sculptor". Ms. Josef has exhibited at various museums and galleries.



"Artist Odyssey", Schomburg Gallery (Bergamot Station), Santa Monica, CA


Malibu Civic Center Library


Barnsdall Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA: "Honoring Miyoko"


Bob Hope Chapel, Veterans Memorial Park Cemetery, Westwood, CA: "Putting Faces to the Names: The First 800 American Casualties in the War in Iraq"


SPARC Gallery, Venice, CA: "Breaking the Silence"

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